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Massage is not just about relaxation. It is about therapy. It is about life. It is about healing. Massage can help people find themselves and make important changes in their heart and soul. Massage revitalizes the mind and body. No matter what technique, it is important that your body operate at its most peaceful to have the most fulfilling life. Whether you are young or old, healthy or infirm, massage can bring peace and restoration to your body which will, in turn, bring a greater sense of comfort and peace to your life.


Massage comes in many different forms and utilizes many different techniques. The technique is not as important as listening to what your body needs. Some bodies require a firmer touch, while others need a more gentle approach. We will discuss your body’s appropriate needs in order to make sure the technique fits where your current physical state. I will never limit our session to one particular technique. Rather, we will take a more holistic approach and gear each session to the needs of the day, week, or month in order to achieve the greatest possible healing within your body.


Reflexology is art of knowing how the foot ties into and affects the rest of the body. By massaging and manipulating the muscles and nerves in the foot, great health benefits can be seen throughout the body. Many ailments small or large can be helped and eased by the power of reflexology.


Nutrition is a large portion of any health and wellness plan. While massage therapy can do many things to aid the body, the body is always best served when it is fed the proper nutrients and nutritional supplements. We can discuss a course of nutritional supplements which can aid your body function at its peak and most peaceful.


Exercise can never be discounted as a proper means of maintaining the body. Exercise naturally limbers and lubricates the body and its musculoskeletal system. There are many different forms of exercise ranging from relaxing and tranquil to uplifting and invigorating. Exercise helps the body function better and invigorates the mind. As part of your massage therapy, we can discuss different exercise options to help your body and mind achieve their greatest potential.

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Gift Certificates are available upon request for any amount! A gift certificate for a personal massage is a great gift for any occasion! Contact Ana Maria using the information found in the footer or on the "Contact" page for further information.

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